Level Information
Creator xtobe5
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3Star
Level ID 9110646
Song Streetlights
Composer EnV

ColorZ is the second level in the Force Pack.


At the start there will be an easy cube section. There will be a couple of gravity changes.

Next is a half speed ship segment. It introduces some colorful effects and also added them to sawblades. This part is fairly easy, too.

Then there will be a ball section. The colors switch to black and white. This part is also easy because of the level itself.

There will be another easy cube section. This also has some gravity changes.

Next is a UFO segment. This one requires some good timing but it's still easy.

There will be a half speed cube section. This part is one of the easiest if not the easiest part in the level.

After this will be a wave section. Do not go through the tight route as this can catch beginners into trouble. The spaces between the "diamonds" are wide so the player can go through easily.

There is also a dual cube segment. This part is commonly abreviated as the hardest part in the entire level. This is the final part so players can relax after finishing this segment because after this will be a very short auto cube segment.


  • xtobe5, the creator of this level, claimed that the original song Colors by Tobu is copyrighted so it's replaced with EnV - Streetlights.


Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Force Pack - ColorZ (by xtobe5)

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Force Pack - ColorZ (by xtobe5)

credit to Muzik Bike

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