Color Lapse
Color lapse
Level Information
Creator Seth4564TI
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 0Star
Level ID 11359615
Song Timelapse
Composer TheFatRat

Color Lapse is Seth4564TI's last 1.9 level for Geometry Dash.


It's theme is different colors, uniquely matching Seth4564TI's previous 1.9 Cube colors (Green, Pink, and Blue), the unique parts are during the first ship and UFO, the first Ship has you traveling past pillars that disappear and re-appear to the beat of the music, and the first UFO has you dodging invisible blocks with saws inside of them while the background changes colors which the colored blocks.


Geometry Dash- Color Lapse Sneak Peek00:31

Geometry Dash- Color Lapse Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

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