Crazy Cave
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Level Information
Creator TRM99
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 21640572
Song Club Step (full)
Composer Dj-Nate

Crazy Cave is an unrated level created by TRM99. Many people claim the level to be demon-worthy. It is inspired by some famous Hard Demons, such as El Dorado and Firewall, even if it is significantly easier than those levels.

Ironically, more parts of the level have gameplay similar to Glacial Sanctuary by Experience D. This wasn't done on purpose.


The level is divided into 7 parts, all of them with its colour scheme and its own style.

  • Orange part: this part resembles the beginning of Fearless, but with other features. It's made by a slow cube with many rings, fakes and tricks, but is however the easiest sequence.
  • Green part: the style changes to a design similar to that of El Dorado, even if the gameplay is totally different. Two normal/slow symmetrical dual cubes are divided by a short mixed ball and cube. After that, an auto single cube appears, it may be buggy in some cases: it lends to the drop.
  • Red part: the drop will beat and an annoying wave appears, made by somehow awkward timing, gravity portals and teleporters. Gears and monsters make the sequence harder.
  • Pink part: the sequence mixes the style of Hinds levels and of the previous wave. It's a very fast ball with lot of mashing and crucial timing, but slightly easier than the wave.
  • Blue part: an easier remake of the Firewall's mini wave, it involves to a brief mini UFO with a green ring and a short narrow, then continues in a mini ship mode, now in slow speed.
  • Yellow part: the triple speed returns, and the player goes to an hazardous corridor with spikes everywhere and a gravity portal+ring. The player has to have good straight flying skills. The part ends with a normal wave in a corridor of 4 spaces, that ends with spikes upside and below.
  • Gray part: the sequence is in gray-scale, except for rainbows, and is similar in design to the orange part. A short slow free cube appears and the written "almost" signs that the level is going to finish. After that the speed returns double and the player goes to an other dual cube section, but now is harder because is asymmetrical, faster and requires mashing and crucial timing. The level ends with few simple jumps in single mode, the creator's name and a Lenny face.


  • This level took the creator 3 months to be completed.
  • The first sneak peek of the level was published on April 2016 with the name "Infernus wip" and the song "Phobos" by Solkrieg. It used to contain just the orange and the red part, slightly easier than now. It was quickly deleted because of the lack of ideas for continuation.
  • The majority of the level was made in the last month, after a failed attempt to make three other levels.
  • During the construction of the level, TRM99 changed the title and the soundtrack many times.
  • Precisely, the current title was decided after the verification of the level.
  • The Lenny face at the end is a custom object taken from Classic.
  • Unluckily, due to a 2.1 glitch, the block design of the last dual is ruined.