Creeper Force
Level Information
Creator CreeperMILK
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 2487191
Song Hexagon Force
Composer Waterflame

Creeper Force is an extremely difficult demon level by CreeperMILK. It has very difficult skill-based ship, UFO, and wave sections, extremely tight timings, and extremely difficult duals. Because of this, it is considered an Extreme Demon, but to Riot and a few others, an Insane Demon.


The level generally resembles Hexagon Force with the exception of the last 12%.


The level starts with a cube section with many tricks and very tight timings. It then has a tight ship part with many tricky orb timings, which goes dual later on. It then is followed by a dual UFO, which leads into a tricky timing-based ball part. Then there is a cube part with very tight timings and many more tricks. This leads into a very difficult dual cube with many tight timings and many traps. It then has a very tight dual ship. Then there is another very tricky and timing-based cube part, leading into a short dual cube. Then there is a very tight UFO part that starts dual and then goes back to regular UFO later. It has many gravity portals. Then there is the hardest part of the level, a series of extremely difficult duals. The first one is a regular dual ball with extremely difficult timings. Then it does a dual ball/UFO, with insane timings and skill required. Then it does a dual cube/ship for a while, which requires a lot of skill to control both without crashing. Then it has a very difficult timing-based cube with many traps, followed by a very difficult dual cube. It then shows the creator's name "CREEPERMLK". However, the level still isn't finished. There is a slow extremely tight wave that goes mini later and results in the end of the level, displaying "Mlk" twice and a giant "GG".




Geometry Dash - Creeper Force DEMON - By CreeperMLK (On Stream)02:21

Geometry Dash - Creeper Force DEMON - By CreeperMLK (On Stream)

Credits to Riot.

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