Crispy Dash
Country South Korea
Age Unknown
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel Unknown

Crispy Dash is popular and highly skilled Korean player. He has beaten many Demon levels such as Invisible Deadlocked, Theory of Skrillex and Radioactive (by Viprin). He beaten Invisible Deadlocked, took only 2.5K attempts (lesser than Verifier, Krazyman50) and he is first.

He created If Sonic Wave was l1, which is an easy version of Sonic Wave by Cyclic, also the hardest level 1 level.


  • His Age is Unknown, and might be a Secret.


  • Fear Me (Easy Nine Circles Level)
  • If Sonic Wave was l1 (Easy version of Sonic wave by Cyclic, Rated Insane 8 stars, harder than Problematic, one of the easiest Nine Circles Demon level)
  • Crispy Fantasy (Insane rated level, which used the song Adventure Fantasy)

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