Crispy Dash
Country South Korea
Age 19
Levels 8 (5 rated)
Other Info
Position 8884 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Crispy Dash is a popular and highly skilled South Korean player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He has beaten numerous challenging Demon levels such as Invisible Deadlocked by Krazyman50, Theory of Skrillex by Noobas and Radioactive by Viprin and Hinds.

He is known for creating the Nine Circles level called Fear Me, and also an 'if (level) was level 1' version of Sonic Wave.

Levels Edit

  • Fear Me (Somewhat easy Nine Circles remake)
  • Crispy Game (An easy 1.9 level that uses FunnyGame crystals and other basic effects)
  • If Sonic Wave was l1 (A easy version of Sonic Wave by Cyclic, rated Insane 8*)
  • Crispy Fantasy (Insane rated level, which uses the song Adventure Fantasy by F-777)

Trivia Edit

  • He is a former member of Geometry World, but was banned along with many other members.
  • He has a YouTube channel with over 6000 subscribers. He occasionally uploads videos of levels that he has beaten.
  • He verified and uploaded Another Phobos, a Korean mega-collaboration inspired by Phobos that was never rated due to some parts being ugly/lazy/un-decorated.
  • He was the first to beat Invisible Deadlocked, taking only 2,500 attempts.