Crispy Reaction
Crispy Reaction
Level Information
Creator Crispy Dash and WhiteEvan01
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 1299298
Song Instant Reaction
Composer Xtrullor

Crispy Reaction is a demon level by Crispy Dash and WhiteEvan01. It is known mainly for heavy memorization sections. It is generally considered a Medium Demon.


The level starts with a rather long mini cube with many small invisible blocks as well as some invisible speed portals. Then the drop appears with the text "Crispy Reaction", resulting in a difficult UFO portal with many invisible gravity portals and teleportation portals. Then there is a moderately hard wave part, followed by an easy ship part. Then there is a tricky mini wave segment. Then there is a rather tricky ball part with a lot of memorization and a bossfight with 2 bosses shooting lasers. Weirdly, the text shown on the bosses is "lp0". Then there is a short cube part followed by a ship part with a series of size portals. This is followed by a long cube part that starts off relatively easy, and then becomes a very hard cube part with intense amounts of memorization. At the beginning of the hard part, it shows the text "GoGo!!". Then there is a super easy robot part that eventually results in the end of the level. It shows the text "Song" "Instant Reaction by Xtrullor", and then "Made by Crispy Dash", then "GG", and finally "Remake by WhiteEvan01".


  • The level was originally made by Crispy Dash.
    • WhiteEvan01 then remade it.


Geometry Dash -Medium Demon- - Crispy Reaction - by CrisPy Dash01:41

Geometry Dash -Medium Demon- - Crispy Reaction - by CrisPy Dash

First gameplay by Axxorz.

Second gameplay by Crispy Dash.

Crispy Reaction (Demon) Design Update by WhiteEvan01 -Geometry Dash-02:08

Crispy Reaction (Demon) Design Update by WhiteEvan01 -Geometry Dash-

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