Critical Mass
Level Information
Creator Twoots
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 4855709
Song Haunted
Composer Shirk

Critical Mass is a 1.9 Medium Demon created by Twoots (known as 6359 at the time). It is her first demon created, and is usually considered an easy demon. It is also her only featured and rated demon as of now, and after the 2.0 update she has added unverified (bronze) user coins. The level style somewhat resembles that of Theory of Everything 2 at certain parts.

User Coins

  1. The first user coin is located at 15%, below the invisible gear. The narrow maneuver makes this coin mildly challenging to get, but not too hard.
  2. The second user coin is at 44%; once the cube goes past the gravity portal, do not tap the yellow jump orb to acquire the second coin. Time the jump into the gravity portal carefully beforehand – otherwise, the cube might hit the sawblade behind the coin instead, killing the player.
  3. The third and final user coin is at 60% and is the hardest one to get; the player must maneuver the wave into a fake spike to reach the small space with the coin, then quickly pull back up to meet the second fake spike.


  • According to 6359's level description, Critical Mass was made by a request from Nasgubb.
  • There is a secret at 20%, where the player can pass below the ball portal. There is a short message that reads "SKILLZ!" and numerous triple spikes.
  • There is a bug at 76%, where the player can pass below the cube portal and skip that portion entirely (until around 82%).
  • The song used for the level, Haunted, is also the outro of a well-known YouTuber, Markiplier.


Geometry Dash - Critical Mass (Easy Demon) - by 6359

Geometry Dash - Critical Mass (Easy Demon) - by 6359

Credit to Zobros.