Cubes story GD
Cubes story GD
Level Information
Creator lYuril
Difficulty Auto Auto
Stars 1Star
Level ID 20550404
Song The Calling (Instrumental)
Composer TheFatRat

Cubes story GD is a 2.0 Auto 1* level by Yuri. This level takes the form of a story, and has became wildly popular within the Geometry Dash community.


The level starts black with "Cubes Story" and then "Geometry Dash" appearing in the center.

Then it turns blue, like a new level in the editor, with a line of blocks below. A cube, resembling the official GD icon, then appears and falls onto the ground. He wonders where he is, then starts to move and soon encounters a spike. After a while, he realizes he must jump over it, which he does. He then continues forward, however, as he's looking back, he bumps into a block ahead which he does not see (he doesn't crash though). He soon jumps across this new sequence of blocks, saying "2easy" at the end.

As he goes further, he encounters another cube, XdimasX (the Jumper icon in purple and red) who is feeling uneasy about passing another sequence of blocks. The cube proudly attempts this sequence, only to end up crashing on a spike, to which XdimasX laughs. The cube then re-spawns from the other side of the screen, and decides to go together with XdimasX.

Later, the two notice a cube (the Can't Let Go icon in red and orange), who is using hacks to fly above the ground. The hacker proudly says "HAHAHA!! Stupid noobs!" as the background turns orange. However, he is soon shocked as an icon rises from the clouds - RobTop! (eye icon, dark green and green ala GuitarHeroStyles' colors)

Then, the hacker and RobTop engage in a battle, with RobTop shooting spikes and columns and the hacker using a laser beam. Then it switches to the hacker moving around RobTop's desktop, with a mouse trying to drag him to a folder "2scrub". It then switches back to the battle, with RobTop eventually trapping the hacker in several columns, before banning him.

RobTop then approaches the two cubes, which the yellow cube does not recognise as RobTop, to which XdimasX says it's the "god of the GD." Just then, RobTop begins leaving, and XdimasX tried to ask when 2.1 would be released, but it was too late for RobTop to reply. The yellow cube then reassures XdimasX that 2.1 will be released.

The level ends with RobTop back in the clouds, with credits rolling.


  • This level has quite a few grammatical errors, for example "Doned."
  • Krazyman50 uploaded a video soon after the release of this level, with the title stealing the hacker's line, "HAHAHA!! Stupid noobs!" It shows gameplay of Hexagon Force, but with the coin passages made significantly harder, and with the hacker's icon and colors.


RobTop comment + GD Animation lvl - Cubes Story Gd by lYurll

RobTop comment + GD Animation lvl - Cubes Story Gd by lYurll

Credits to Rolipso.