Cyber Chaos
Level Information
Creator Hinds
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 10789222
Song Viper
Composer F-777

Cyber Chaos is considered to be a very difficult demon level by Hinds. It is known for very difficult timings, very tight spaces, a memorization part, and much skill required. It is generally considered a very hard or insane demon, currently sitting at the 49th spot of the Official Extreme and Insane Demon records list.


The level was made in 1.9, with some 2.0 decorations. It is generally considered to be well decorated for a 1.9 level, and mainly follows a green, cyber theme.


The level starts with a cube part with a few timed jumps. Then, there is a short triple speed mini wave. Next, there is a cube part with more timings. Then there is a very tight wave part that goes through a few speed portals and one mini size portal. Afterwards, there is a short cube part followed by a ball part with very difficult timings. Then, there is a very tight mini ship with many blocks, followed by a short difficult triple speed mini wave. Next, there is a timing based double speed cube and a tight wave. Afterwards, there is a difficult ball part with many timings. After, there is a demon-shaped block design with a short, one space flying, followed by an easier UFO part and a double speed cube with a four spike jump. Then there is a rather tight mini ship, leading into the drop. The drop starts with an arguably difficult dual ball with timings comparable to Sonic Wave's dual ball part. Then, there is a timing-based dual UFO part and a one space, fast dual mini ship. Subsequently, the player transitions into an easy mini dual cube part, followed by a very tight, short, timing based UFO and a mashing based dual wave. Next, there is a difficult timing based ball part followed by a triple speed 5 spike cube jump. Afterwards, there is a tight mini ship followed by a difficult mashing based wave part. Then, there is a ship part with one space flying, followed by a cube part that starts with a triple speed 5 spike jump, and later has a difficult, mini form memory part. Then there is a difficult ship, followed by a UFO part, both which contain many sawblades to avoid. Afterwards, the player transitions into a short cube part, succeeded by a tight mini ship that later becomes dual. Then, there is a very tight mini wave with tricky timings such as gravity portals placed in a way to require the player to stop holding midway. A short, timing-based gravity ship with a few tight spaces and orbs follow, which is then followed by a tricky wave part. Then, there is a difficult timing-based ball part, followed by a mostly one space mini ship with speed portals. After, there is a very difficult UFO part, followed by a tricky mini ball part. Then there is a slightly relatively easier wave part, followed by a double speed cube part with two four spike jumps and other easier timings. Lastly, there is a quite difficult mini ship, followed by an equally tight slow wave with the text "Cyber Chaos" at the end.


  • The level was made in late 1.9 but verified in 2.0.
  • It is considered to be Hind's hardest level.


Geometry Dash - Hinds (me) - Cyber Chaos (Insane Demon)01:39

Geometry Dash - Hinds (me) - Cyber Chaos (Insane Demon)

Credits to Hinds.

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