Cycles 2015
Level Information
Creator Ironistic
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3 Star
Level ID 15965336
Song Cycles (2015 Edition)
Composer DJVI

Cycles 2015 is a normal level created by Ironistic. It is the remake of the 9th main level in-game, Cycles.


This level is Ironistic's 4th featured level and it uses the 2015 remix of Cycles by DJVI. The level is easy, unlike the original Cycles, which is rated Harder 9 stars.


The level starts off with a fairly easy cube sequence, which will remain until the music beat drops. The cube mode has a few fakes and trolls, that allows the new player to easily finish the level.

The next game mode is a moderately easy ball mode, it also has a few fakes and trolls. The ball mode is similar to the ball mode of Airborne Robots. However, the mirror reflection-like effects are absent in the mode.

Then, the ball mode is followed by a quite difficult but simple ship mode, there are also gravity changes, mirror and moving objects introduced whilst in the ship mode.

The next game mode is a simple wave mode, then the mirror will change into normal. The wave mode also fairly hard. Followed by an another hard dual robot mode.

Afterwards, there is a UFO segment, similar to the ship mode, due to the presence of moving blocks, but is simple. After that, the level ends.


  • The level idea actually came from an another popular creator named Dudex.
  • The level is probably inspired Geometry Dash Meltdown levels.

User Coins

This level contains 3 user coins:

  • The first user coin is located at the ball segment at 56%. There, the player must skip the yellow jump pad, without switching gravity, and then the player is headed to an invisible ramp with the user coins, then the player must switch gravity and hit the yellow jump ring for the normal route.
  • The second user coin is located at the ship mode at 62%. While on the moving platform above, the player must carefully go up, getting the coin.
  • The third user coin is located at the last UFO segment at 96%. This requires a few mashing. As the coin is located above a saw-blade, the player must also carefully get the coin as there are numerous hazards as well.


Geometry Dash -2

Geometry Dash -2.0- - Cycles 2015 - by Ironistic

Credits to ToshDeluxe.