Cube cyrillic
Country USA
Age 17
Levels 58 (0 starred)
Other Info
Crew Silent Engine
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Cyrillic (also known as ElEVeN) is a popular player in Geometry Dash, he is very known along with Sailent for creating many impossible levels such as Silent Circles, Silent World, and an humanly-impossible version of Back On Track.

He is also the founder of the team, Silent Engine, a well-known clan for making many impossible levels, which is currently dead.

After Cyclic quit GD and removed his stats, Cyrillic made a fake Cyclic account and re-uploaded some of his levels.

He is currently using his other account, Suwako.

Levels Edit

  • Silent Circles: One of his most popular levels, a remake of Nine Circles.
  • Silent Circles II: His second Silent Circles level.
  • Silent World
  • Crimson World
  • Carrot
  • Supernova Circles: An unrated hacked demon.
  • Absolute Zero
  • Back on Track: An impossible level based on Back on Track, making fun of the Back On Track joke.
  • Cant Let No
  • Timeless: A level that is endless, as it is -68 years long.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the one who verified Deadly Silent Club by DaXenomorph.
  • He is also one of the well-known impossible level creators, along with Sailent, KaotikJumper, and many other players.
  • He made the longest level in Geometry Dash, called Timeless.
  • Before making a registered account, Cyrillic's unregistered name was ElEVeN.
  • Cyrillic made an insanely impossible level named Back On Track making fun of the Back on Track impossible demon joke.
  • Timeless is actually infinite, but many assume it to be 68 years long. However, the level is actually NEGATIVE 68 years, and the finish line is behind the player, making it impossible, and actually infinite.
  • He has also made another joke level called "test lOL", where he uses some complex hacks to make the progress bar stuck at 66% where the player moves and distorts in a completely strange way.
  • He is currently using his other account, Suwako.
    • This is because his original account, Cyrillic account was disabled.
      • However, the player can still see his Cyrillic account if they search for it.