Country Sweden
Age 15
Levels 10 (9 starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]
DaddePro is a popular Swedish creator and player in Geometry Dash. He has participated in levels like Supersonic.

He often creates demon levels, notably Center of Existence, Reunion, and Duxagon Force.


NOTE: His first level, "Jump" is not added due to not being a starred level.

  • Electrica - his first Insane level, uses Clubstep as its song.
  • Electroman V2 - a modified version of Electroman Adventures.
  • ShadowFunk - his first demon level, a seemingly combination of Clubstep-themed and a Clutterfunk-themed level. Has 8000 objects used.
  • ElectroDux - his 1.7 level and his second demon level.
  • Velocissimo - his third demon level, uses the song "Time Machine" by Waterflame. His first disliked level.
  • Insert Title RM - A harder level, rated 6 stars and his second and his most disliked level.
  • Duxagon Force - his own 1.8 level.
  • Center of Existence - His popular level, and his first 1.9 level. Uses the song 'Center of Existence' by Dj-Nate.
  • Reunion - his latest level, an old-school level featured in 2.0 Update.

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