Danger Zone
Level Information
Creator GD Jose
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars Star 7
Level ID 28677296
Song Machina
Composer Dex Arson

Danger Zone is a 2.1 level made by GD Jose. It is the final and hardest level of the Lava Gauntlet. It is epic rated.


It started out with a cube. It has lava, and monster throwing fireballs. It has jump orbs, and it has dash orbs, and when you hit the dash orbs it speeds up. Then it goes into a spider where monsters are chasing you and you hit dash orbs to speed up and make them go back. Then it goes into a slow and easy ship. Then it goes into a cube with lava asnd jump orbs. Then before the drop it is robot, then a cube that has a platform that launches you up. Then it goes into a ship with 4x speed portals and other things. In between the ship part their is a short wave. The level end with a cube and GD Joses' name next to a thumbs up.


  • This is the final Lava Gauntlet Level.
  • This has the song Machina by Dex Arson, a song popularized by a Geometry Dash World level.
  • This is the 36th daily level.


Danger Zone by GD Jose Geometry Dash

Danger Zone by GD Jose Geometry Dash

Credits to Michigun. The Walkthrough of Danger Zone.