Dark Descent
Level Information
Creator Crusaders
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 15425029
Song Uprise
Composer Envy

Dark Descent is a mega-collaboration created by members of the Crusaders group of TouchArcade as an unofficial three-quel to Audio Excursion and Audio Extraction.


Shady: A fairly easy robot section which then translates into a dark ball section, and them to a cube involving jumping over demon teeth.

Muzik Bike: An old-school ball section with background effects and animated name.

RaulAMT: A slow ship sequence with some basic but effective decoration and medium difficulty timings.

ZigGames: A wave section with irritating timing.

FreddyHunter: A UFO section with purely huge sawblades.

HappyLenny72: An old-school cube section. This was originally too short and added to an earlier copy of the level, and was moved and manually extended by Muzik.

ProDiamondKil: A very long section that starts out as a dual mini ship, before transitioning to a hell-themed ball and then cube with out of sync music. There is then a dark rainbow robot section followed by a slow mini UFO section with some jump rings and neon green blocks. It then transforms into an extremely difficult red wave.

"VorteXium (Neostar)": Extremely difficult red wave right after prodiamondkil which has invisible Teleportals, Gravity Portals, and Speed Changers all in extremely tight spaces that are hard to guess, may be the hardest part in the level, with its quick tight and difficult passages combined with invisible things, thus part became auto for the purpose of re-recording (It's not auto in the level).

Edenharley: The music is back in sync. A flashy but fun section that is mainly cube, but also contains ship and ball. It ends with a ship in blue-rainbow fire.

Dreamzy: A mini-ship, castle themed section with a name that loads too slowly to be seen. The section is green but then similarly to before transitions into a faster red wave.

Electrixel: Verified and recorded the level.


Dark Descent-Many people (Verified by Electrixel)

Dark Descent-Many people (Verified by Electrixel)

Credits to VorteXium

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