Dark Heaven
20170621204956 1
Level Information
Creator Xaro & Loserchik67 (verified by Xaro)
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 25901054
Song Spaze - Awakening
Composer Exnotic

Dark Heaven is a 2.0 Medium Demon created by Loserchik67 and Xaro, who also verified it.


This level is mostly purple and black. It has numerous effects throughout the level, and is in a similar style to Xaro's very popular Toxin Lab series.


This level is most commonly considered a Easy/Medium and even Hard Demon among most players. It is known to be extremely fast paced and requires preceptive memorization (especially in Xaro's parts).


  • Xaro has also offically announced a remake/sequal called Dark Heaven II.

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