Dark Travel
Level Information
Creator JonathanGD
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 32885972
Song Dark Matter Suite (Remix)
Composer 1f1n1ty and LOrbSheddy

Dark Travel is a 2.1 Epic Hard Demon created by JonathanGD. It is the fourth "travel level" to currently be made.


This level is an XL level, lasting 6 minutes 14 seconds long from the start of the song to the end of the song. This level contains an enormous quantity of objects, about 208,000 objects. This level is the second level of object heavy number, the first one being Bloodlust.

Some parts of this level are really tough to pass, such as the first drop of the level. There are also some calm parts, such as the halfway part and the part right after that.

Low Detail and High Detail is available in this level.


Gameplay is sad on some parts, but some parts is very funny. By the way, drops start at 16%. If it 54% part is have some bugs and this part most buggy on the level. The level stays at a consistantly challenging difficulty.


-CUT- MY NEW MASTERPIECE!! (208K OBJS!) - Dark Travel by JonathanGD (READ DESC!)

-CUT- MY NEW MASTERPIECE!! (208K OBJS!) - Dark Travel by JonathanGD (READ DESC!)

The verification of Dark Travel. Credits to JoanathanGD himself for this video.


  • It is not recommended to play this level on mobile/low-end PCs as it might cause the game to crash.
  • This is currently the hardest travel level in the game.
  • It uses the song, "Dark Matter Suite (1f1n1ty + LOrbSheddy remix)," which will also be featured in another upcoming travel level, "Nox Travel".