Level Information
Creator Rek3dge
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 13081515
Song Endgame
Composer Waterflame

Were you looking for DeCode?

DeCodeX is a demon level by Rek3dge. It is a remake of his popular level, DeCode.


This level has roughly the same layout as DeCode, but was remade in 2.0. Hence, the overall design has changed a lot, using the new 2.0 textures. Some other changes made including replacing the fast cube with a robot, and a few moving obstacles, most notable during the moving portals with the UFO.


  • This level seems to signal Rek3dge's comeback after it was thought he quit GD after removing his previous videos.
  • DeCodeX was also hacked by Anaban as well as DeCode, but was restored.


  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 83%(Near the ship and size portal) and 87%.
  • Souls TRK crashed at 80%.
  • RealGoldenDash crashed at 96%


Geometry Dash - DecodeX -DEMON- - By- Rek3dge (On Stream)01:44

Geometry Dash - DecodeX -DEMON- - By- Rek3dge (On Stream)

Credit to Riot for the video.

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