Deadly Clubstep
Level Information
Creator Neptune
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 1299298
Song Clubstep
Composer DJ-Nate

Deadly Clubstep is a 1.8 Hard Demon created by NePtunE. It is a difficult demon level full of memorization, difficult timings, and numerous skill-based UFO and ship segments. Due to this, it is generally considered a Very Hard Demon or Insane Demon. However, some very skilled players consider this level a Hard or Medium Demon instead.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a memory-based cube section, with numerous fakes and some tricky timing, but is easy after practicing the second half, the real memory based part of the cube. Then later the drop of the level begins with a double speed ship containing jump orbs, tight flying, and invisible spikes. It then goes into a buggy transition into the ball part, which has many fakes, and later goes into a slow ball mode with tight timings. Then there is a tight ship segment where you have to go into an area that looks like one space flying but has invisible blocks to make it easier. A mini UFO segment follows, similar to the real Clubstep, and is fairly easy. Following this, there is a memory-based cube section. Afterwards, there is a tight ship segment with several gravity portals. This is followed by a tight UFO section with several gravity portals and some difficult timings. Then there is another ship sequence with gravity portals and several jump orbs. Then there is a mini cube with lots of memory. Afterwards, there is a timing-based ball part, followed by a ship sequence at the end of the level, showing the name of the creator, Neptune. Then, the level ends.

Errors Edit

  • At 35%, the transition into the ball part is bugged, resulting in the player smashing into the spikes. The bug can be avoided, but this maneuver is difficult to pull off.

Fails Edit

  • AlexPain crashed at 91%.
  • SoulsTRK crashed at 82% and 91%.
  • JustheenYT crashed at 90%.
  • JaqerHD crashed 2 times at 75%, 2 times at 77% and 1 time at 82%.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other Clubstep-themed levels, Deadly Clubstep is the only level to be in 1.7 style (speed changes, colored blocks, many decorations, custom color mechanics, etc.)
  • Due to difficulty fluctuation among players nowadays, some consider this as an medium demon, or even an easy demon.
  • There is a "Deadly Clubstep Easy," which is rated Medium Demon and is also featured.
  • d4sh3r, the creator of Deadlocked v2, has made a 2.0 remake of Deadly Clubstep, named "New Blood." Here's the link:

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash 2

Geometry Dash 2.0 - 'Deadly Clubstep' 100% COMPLETE By NeptunE -INSANE DEMON-

Credit to Dorami.