Do not confuse with Silent Club or Silent Clubstep.

Deadly Silent Club
Level Information
Creator GWRoadMC2, Carbonara, DaXenomorph, Xephyr99, Roadbose
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 7900211
Song Clubstep
Composer DJ-Nate

Deadly Silent Club is a very long and impossible level created by GWRoadMC2 (formerly DaXenomorph) and more. The level is said to be one of the hardest impossible levels ever made in Geometry Dash and also one of the toughest levels in game. It is the first ever level to use the impossible dual two player wave segment.

Overview Edit

Deadly Silent Club is one of the toughest levels in game, and was inspired by Silent Club and Silent Clubstep. The level was said to be verified by Cyrillic. (Eleven)

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a cube sequence, where the player must jump off into a quintuple (five) spike jump. After that, there is a tall spike "hill" that is very hard to pass (the player has to jump on the edge of the block). The player will then enter a triple speed portal as well as an impossible tunnel of blue jump rings around the spikes.

The next game mode is a 2-player mode dual ball mode, then a dual cube mode.

The player then enters an impossible 2 player dual wave mode, very similar to Silent Circles, which is a very tight tunnel of thorns. Here, the player must control two waves at once while maneuvering the form and switching gravity.

The next segment is an impossible cluster of Invisible blocks. Afterwards, the player enters a slow portal and into a brief gravity mode. Here, the player meets a jump ring that needs to be clicked with crucial timing.

The speed changes into triple speed and the player turns into an impossible mini wave. There are "monsters" made out of blocks with blue jump rings in their "mouths", and there are still many extremely tight spaces.

After the music beat drop, the player enters a mini ball sequence. After that, there is another impossible wave segment.

The next segment is an impossible dual mini UFO sequence with many tight gaps and pink jump rings.

The player is then led into an impossible mini cube sequence with some saw-blades, making that part extremely difficult. The player is then switched back to normal size, and the same thing appears again.

The speed changes then changes to slow, and the player goes through a dark mini wave mode. This sequence is insanely long, and the music ends during it. Then, the background is changed to white, and text saying the following appears: "Wow!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!" This is followed by a dual mini cube sequence in a long tunnel of blocks. The real level, therefore, ends at around 55%. Then, the level ends.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - DEADLY SILENT CLUB 100% - Hardest Impossible Level (13-09-15)

Geometry Dash - DEADLY SILENT CLUB 100% - Hardest Impossible Level (13-09-15)

Credits to ToshyDeluxe.