Not to be confused with Deadly Corridor, New Death Corridor, or Haunted Corridor.

Death Corridor
Level Information
Creator KaotikJumper, set to be re-verified by KugelBlitZ
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star (requested 10)
Level ID 10314379
Song Code Red
Composer Dr. Phonics

Death Corridor is an unrated extremely hard level created by KaotikJumper during Update 1.9 and hacked by Pixl Master on January 30, 2017. It is currently being verified by KugelBlitZ. However, NoctaFly has beaten on 10/6/17.


This level initially used to be an impossible level before its latest update. Today, this level is considered to be possible, but it is still ridiculously hard to complete the whole level without hacking.

There was another update that made the level slightly harder.

The level is in grayscale, as several decorations are colored in white, gray, or black, but at one point the color scheme changes to red for a while.

After some time, the creator, KaotikJumper, balanced its own difficulty as several parts were nerfed and made a 'possible' part. However, there are still certain sequences are ridiculously hard to pass through because of extremely tight spaces and insane mashing.

In addition, KaotikJumper had also redesigned the whole level, utilizing 2.0 effects/features such as font, green jump rings, etc.

NoctaFly became the first to beat the level on October 6th, 2017, though is being accused heavily, mostly by ToshDeluxe, of hacking the level using macros.


  • The level was originally an impossible 1.9 level, but it was nerfed in 2.0. Now, numerous players consider it a possible level, but due to its extreme difficulty, it is still significantly harder than Bloodbath.
  • Sunix went from 65-100 on this level, as seen here, and has record of 83%.
  • On stream, Riot cleared two parts of the level (separately), that were considered as impossible, which consisted of a tight mini wave segment (as shown in the image above) and a ridiculously narrow ship sequence.
    • He later on stated that this level is easier than unnerfed Yatagarasu.
  • Dorami created and verified a remake of this level called New Death Corridor. It is a heavily nerfed extension of the original. While still unrated, it's generally considered an Easy or Medium Demon.
  • This level has a sequel called Haunted Corridor, also created by KaotikJumper and more. Unlike Death Corridor, which is possible, Haunted Corridor is completely impossible all the way through.
    • This level has another sequel called Deadly Corridor, also created by KaotikJumper. It was verified by Metalface221. While still unrated, it's generally considered an Extreme Demon.
  • As of 10/6/17, NoctaFly has become the first to beat the level.
  • AirSwipe made a rebirth of the level, and it is now being verified by KugelBlitZ.


Geometry Dash - DEATH CORRIDOR 100% - by KaotikJumper (Impossible)-202:22

Geometry Dash - DEATH CORRIDOR 100% - by KaotikJumper (Impossible)-2

Credits to ToshDeluxe, the original version of Death Corridor.

Death Corridor-Updated Version-(Extreme Demon)Geometry Dash 202:30

Death Corridor-Updated Version-(Extreme Demon)Geometry Dash 2.0-AV-

Credits to Antiterrorister, the updated version of Death Corridor.

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