Demon Hexagon Force
Level Information
Creator TheRealSdslayer
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 21111663
Song Hexagon Force
Composer Waterflame

Demon Hexagon force is a 2.0 level by TheRealSdslayer . It is a buffed version of Hexagon Force.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts as the normal Hexagon Force, only with text throughout the first cube section. They are in this order "Ok." "Don't Worry" "It Gets Harder" "You Asked For It" and right as the player hits the 2x speed portal the text "Rating: Insane 12*" (Hexagon Force's official rating) in a purple colour, changes to "Rating: Demon 420*" in a maroon colour. The player must go under a saw by not tapping the yellow jump orb, and an invisible slope catapults the player into the ship section. There is no place to lay the ship on, and there are much more gravity portals. The ball part requires flipping a split second before you would fall off the platform. There are some moving objects here on the orbs. Then the player goes into an upside-down cube section, flip gravity, and the words "Take A Break" appear written in the Hexagon Force styled-block. The player then goes into a dual section with some precise timing and 4-spike jumps. Then, the dual ship section where the creator crashed in the video. After the ship there is a cube section with some fake spikes and moving objects. Then the ufo section, with a twist. Hidden throughout the section are the letters P, A, S, and S. The player must collect all four to pass the section. Collecting only three or less results in crashing into a saw. The ufo portal to the dual ball area has the most gamemode swaps, with turning to a wave, back to a ufo, wave, and a ufo again before the next portal. The dual ball is the most similar section to the official Hexagon Force, other than the first cube. Followed by the miniship section with some invisible slabs to guide the player. The player goes through a green size portal to normal size and complete that section. The next area has the most trolls in the level. The cube section has invisible spikes that the player can hit the top of their icon on and crash, so jump when the smaller spikes are above the player. After all that, is the final slow ship section. As in the official Hexagon Force, the player starts off as a mini ship. The difference is there are more spikes and enlarged hazards. Then the green size portal and blue dual portal, put the player back to a normal sized single ship. The player is guided through some saws, and then the player flies through a gap in some moving blocks. The ending is creative though. The Hexagon Force blocks make a gate that opens vertically, and after the player completely finishes the level, an arrow pointing left moves up from the bottom and the words "17 Blast Processing" move from the top to make this type of set.

Trivia Edit

  • This level has an ID with four 1's in it.
  • On June 28, 2016, a cut version of the level was uploaded (can be found below.)

Video Edit

Demon Hexagon Force - Cut to 100%

Demon Hexagon Force - Cut to 100%

Credits to Sdslayer100