Demonic Bass
Level Information
Creator Miniman2098
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 12804868
Song Bass Knight
Composer BoomKitty

Demonic Bass is a 2.0 Insane Demon created by Miniman2098. It is known for its numerous tight spaces, timings, and fakes. It is generally considered a very hard demon and sometimes an insane demon (according to the official records list), but in some cases a hard demon. It appears to be a mix between many levels, such as Bloodbath, Death Moon, Supersonic, Blue Hell and Ultrasonic. It’s currently on the legacy list of the Official Geometry Dash Demon List.


The level starts with a ball segment with a few tricky timings. Then there is a moderately tight wave part with several fakes. This is followed by a heavily memory and timing based cube part, followed by memory ball (that is probably inspired by Viprin's part in Supersonic) and cube parts. This ends by showing the text "Nice!". Then there is a difficult UFO with gravity and size portals and tight spaces, leading into a cube part and the drop, with the text "GL HF". The ball part has a lot of memory and timings, and is followed by a longer cube part with more memorization and timings. The cube later becomes a slow dual with some memory. Then there is an auto cube, leading into a memory ship part with orbs and moderately tight spaces. It appears to be Bloodbath inspired. Then there are moderately memory based ball and UFO parts, followed by a long tight wave part. There is a very difficult dual cube, followed by a tight dual ship, and then a timing based dual ball with lower visibility. There are tricky and moderately difficult dual UFO and cube parts. A dual mini wave provides a transition into a mixed dual of cube and ship, with many difficult timings and tight spaces. Then there is a short ball transition leading into a timing based dual ball. Then there is a mixed dual of ball and wave where the player mostly controls the wave. Then there is a moderately difficult swing copters section. Then there is a short dual cube with some memory that looks like a blue Death Moon. The level ends with a dual cube and ship with a few tiny spikes to watch for, which later is only ship. It displays the creator's name at the end. Then, the level ends.


  • The level was formerly listed as "Possibly Hacked", but was then cleared.
  • This level has been described as "Fun" despite all the memorization.
  • This level is currently impossible due to a 2.1 slope bug. However, Miniman is trying to verify a fixed update.


Geometry Dash Demon Hard - Demonic Bass - by M1n1man2098 (All Coins)

Geometry Dash Demon Hard - Demonic Bass - by M1n1man2098 (All Coins)

Credits to Smokes.