Destructive auto
Level Information
Creator Yakine
Difficulty Auto Auto
Stars 1Star
Level ID 4337980
Song Ultimate Destruction
Composer TMM43

Destructive auto is an Auto level made by Yakine. It is one of the most liked levels in the game, having over 900,000 likes.


This isn't one of the oldest, but one of the most popular Auto levels that are made, as it is the 3rd most liked Auto level. It is often described as one of the "best" Auto level ever made by newer players.


  • This is Yakine's first level to get featured.
    • It is also their most popular level.
  • It is Yakine's only level to be "Long".
    • This is pretty ironic, considering how many featured levels have Long length.
  • Despite being one of the most well known Auto levels, it does not have any hate comments.


Geometry Dash - Destructive Auto - by Yakine (me) - Inspired by WOOGI1411!01:26

Geometry Dash - Destructive Auto - by Yakine (me) - Inspired by WOOGI1411!

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