Devil Vortex
Level Information
Creator Rustam, verified by ToshDeluxe
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 32969607
Song Weeping Demon
Composer NemesisTheory

Devil Vortex is a 2.1 Hell-themed Extreme Demon created by Rustam and verified by ToshDeluxe. It currently sits at #8 on the Official Extreme and Insane Demons Ranking List, below Mystic (#7) and above Sakupen Hell (#9).


Many players have complained about buggy (especially on 60hz) and annoying gameplay on this level. For this reason, the level has received a lot of hate and at its release, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the level (most of which has passed).

Hacking accusations

ToshDeluxe, the verifier of this level, has gotten many hacking/cutting/auto accusations from people such as MeatiusGaming and Weoweoteo. Weoweoteo made a video about Tosh's defense video saying how he did not hack or cut the level. Weoweoteo said that the level was impossible on 60hz. ToshDeluxe said 83% on the level is nearly impossible and requires "pixel perfect" timing (Unless you have a 144hz monitor.). ToshDeluxe then made a video a day later after Weoweoteo did, talking about Weoweoteo's video that was "proof" Devil Vortex was not verified legitimately. Weoweoteo's video was removed a few days later.


  • The level was a medium demon, but ToshDeluxe buffed it to make it extreme demon.
  • Weoweoteo used his evidence from TrusTa, not from looking at the video himself.

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