DiStOrSiOn of Time
Level Information
Creator Minh6969
Difficulty Normal Normal (requested Auto Auto)
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 25035328
Song Time Leaper
Composer Hinkik

  DiStOrSiOn of Time is a 2.0 Auto level created by Minh6969.

Backstory Edit

After Falling Up was created, Minh6969 found the song interesting and decided to make a level out of it. He used smooth effects. After working on for about 45 seconds, Minh6969 ran out of ideas and inspirations, so he uploaded a preview saying if anyone wants to collaborate, but nobody wanted to, so he decided to finish the level by himself.


The level starts with a cube being launched by jump pads then lands into a ship portal with double speed. The player, after flying through a set of obstacles, will transform into a cube and wait until the next sequence, which is the ball. After mashing through the Ball part, the player will transform into a short Mini Wave part then turn into a UFO part which will then turn into a ship and finally, a cube section in normal speed when the first drop's over. After passing through some obstacles, the player will turn into a Ship and prepare for the boss fight, which is a cat. After being refused of being friends with the cat, it gets angry and the boss battle begins. 2 cans of bleach can be found shooting lasers at the player, which is a reference of the infamous bleach meme. After the ship sequence is over, the player will turn into a cube. After passing the last obstacles, the player will be stuck in a corridor of gravity portal which they will witness the destruction of the cat. The credits are shown afterwards. Then, the level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • The level was originally supposed to be non-auto, but Minh6969 changed it to auto due to having verification problems.
  • This is Minh6969's sixth level ever made.
  • After being asked on why the player doesn't want to be friends with the cat, Minh6969 jokingly answered that it's not a Pusheen, which is a famous cartoon cat which also made an appearance in mEEyOw and mEEyOw 2.
  • This is Minh6969's last 2.0 level, as he was getting bored of waiting for 2.1 to come.
  • This level is for Geometrer's contest, as Geometrer is Minh's Vietnamese friend.
  • Myukodesa, Minh's friend, verified the original non-auto version of the level. The ID of it is 26321174.


DiStOrTiOn of Time by Minh6969 - Geometry Dash

DiStOrTiOn of Time by Minh6969 - Geometry Dash

Credit to DoomBTC15 for the gameplay.