Digital Descent
Level Information
Creator Codex, Kips, Nasgubb, Terron, AbstractDark, Samifying, Manix648, Viprin, TheDevon, Etzer, Loogiah, LazerBlitz, G4lvatron, Krazyman50, Vlacc, Serponge, Hinds, Rustam
Difficulty TBA
Stars TBA
Level ID TBA
Song Carnivores
Composer Creo

Digital Descent is an upcoming megacollab hosted by Viprin, and is the official sequel to Artificial Ascent. It features many creators from the Artificial Ascent team, and a few new additions.


Codex: Much like in Artificial Ascent, Codex builds the first part. There is a simple cube starts at normal speed and changes into half speed, with many jump orbs scattered around. This part is not too difficult, as trap orbs are marked with x's and timings are not too harsh.

Kips: Designed in Kips' signature cartoon-like build style. This part is also a cube segment, at normal speed. There are no markers to point out trap jump orbs in this part, though there is not too much memorisation.

Nasgubb: Notably harder than the previous two parts, this part is a short mini robot segment, with difficult timings. nasgubb's name moves briefly along the bottom of the screen before disappearing into the spike layer.

Terron: Terron's part begins as a slow spider, where the player needs to pass through a tight section full of pillars with small gaps to pass through. This then leads to a double speed mixed dual section, potentially referencing to his part in Artificial Ascent. The part ends with the player passing along a platform with Terron's name, and then a red orb which brings the player to the next part of the level.

AbstractDark: This starts with a futuristic blue styled spider section at quadruple speed. The player is required to pass through multiple jump and dash orbs to make it through. His part then slows down when the player becomes a UFO featuring many gravity changes, and then and short wave and ship section.

Samifying: This part includes multiple form changes that happen at a fast pace, with not all of the form portals visible. It begins with a quadruple speed ball (that is presumably auto) that leads to a cube with a row of trap jump orbs. The player then becomes a ship, having to fly through a circular path (resembling that seen in God Eater). This then leads to a short but tight straight flying segment. The player is then transported to a very brief UFO, and then a tight mini wave. The part ends with a short ball and cube, and the text "Samy Out" and "GL!"

Manix648: The part starts as a dual mini wave with multiple size changes and safe platforms that the player can land on. The wave ends with both waves hitting a dash orb which brings them to a spider part. The spider section somewhat resembles TOE III in terms of gameplay, with the spider having to teleport on and off of slanted blocks. Manix's part finishes with a tight flying section with multiple gravity changes.

Viprin: Viprin's part begins with a short but tight mini UFO which leads to a slightly longer ball section with hard timings. After the ball is a wave section needs to spam, and then avoid spikes using wave safe blocks. After this is a short ship section, followed by a robot where the player needs to jump into two gravity portals on the ceiling and floor to avoid spikes. His part ends with a cube and a green orb which leads into TheDevon's part.

TheDevon: TheDevon's part starts with the player thrown into a long and confusing cube section, riddled with fake orbs and speed changes that they should be aware of. After the cube, the player comes to a tight wave section with dash orbs to help the player through angled pathways.


Loogiah: Begins with a fast paced UFO with multiple gravity changes, that leads to a slower ship section with tight spaces, more gravity changes and speed changes. The part ends with a dual cube where the player needs to hit a pair of dash orbs, followed by a brief but tight wave section. The part is designed similar to -Grindfury- by Hinds and Loogiah himself.

LazerBlitz: Designed in his typical style, Lazer's part starts as a large ship that needs to pass through tight pillars with gravity portals inside them. This then leads onto a cube that requires a small amount of memorisation, followed by a ball section with difficult timings. The part ends on a semi-auto cube, where the player only has to hit a few jump rings.


Krazyman50: Krazy's part starts with an awkward transition into a 4x speed mini wave. The mini-wave transitions into a regular wave, which must travel through an extremely tight passage. The player must ignore the portals during this part as they are tricks that are disabled earlier in the part by hitting two trigger orbs to move them out of the way. The player must then go through a short wave spam which leads to a mini cube section with gameplay reminiscent of Heartbeat and Black Blizzard. His part ends after the mini cube is completed.

Vlacc: Vlacc's part is colored to the brim with orange/pink and consists entirely of a tight flying section at half speed, with a few gravity and size changes. Throughout the whole part, hazardous sawblades (both static and moving) will appear as threats that the player must skillfully avoid.

Serponge: "SERP" can be seen in the background indicating his part, and the whole theme revolves around inner workings of a factory. His part consists of a UFO that begins with the player having to time jump orbs while obstructions block the player's vision occasionally. After this, the player needs to navigate through moving pillars lined with spikes.

Hinds: Hinds' part is a long cube section with a lot of timing involved. The part contains many jump orbs that should be timed precisely along with some fake lining to mess with the player. While containing lots of 2.1 decoration, it retains a very 1.9 feel to it, as many of hinds' levels do.

Rustam: Rustam's part starts with a cube section where the player has to hit some jump orbs that leads to a very short wave spam. After this is a ball with some more timings, and a UFO with some gravity changes. The level ends with a final cube segment and an end logo built by Terron.


  • nasgubb's name appears as 'naspleb'. It is not known if this was done as a joke and may be changed in the final version of the level.
  • The custom gravity portals in Kips' part do not have the base portals become invisible. This should be fixed in the final version of the level.
  • Combined has confirmed that he will be the verifier, and that he may also take a break from the game after verifying the level due to stress from school and general boredom with the game.


FULL LAYOUT Digital Descent by Viprin and more! Geometry Dash 202:08

FULL LAYOUT Digital Descent by Viprin and more! Geometry Dash 2.1 Upcoming Legendary Demon

Credits to DollarC. Tha layout for Digital Decent.

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