NA This user's gender is unconfirmed. It is best to refer as "they" until enough proof is given. Please do not start a debate over their gender.
Country South Korea
Age Unknown
Levels 30 (24 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GW
Position 6120 (Global)

66 (Creators)

YouTube Channel None

Dorabae (Formerly GW Dorabae) is a popular South Korean player and a very popular level creator in Geometry Dash. They are known well by beginner players. They are mostly known for having the Dorabae-Basic and Dorabae-Difficult series, with some featured in map packs and some made into a more difficult version in the Dorabae-Difficult series. They started to create basic levels in 1.6, and custom songs appeared in each level since DB7. In this series, an honorable mention is DB10, a Nine Circles level. The series ended with DB12, their only 2.0 level in this series.


  • Dorabae Basic Series
  • Dorabae Difficult Series
    • Dorabae-Difficult
    • Dorabae-Difficult 2
    • Dorabae-Difficult 3
    • Dorabae-Difficult 4
    • Dorabae-Difficult 5 (Unrated)
    • Dorabae-Difficult 7 (Unrated)
  • Dorabae Choose Way Series
    • Dorabae Choose Way
    • Dorabae Choose Way 2
    • Dorabae Choose Way 3
    • Dorabae Choose Way 4
  • Dorabae Easy World Series
    • Dorabae Easy World
    • Dorabae Easy World 2
    • Dorabae Easy World 3 (Unrated)
  • Normal Levels
    • Easy Difficulty
      • Dorabae-Quiz
    • Insane Difficulty
      • Dorabae Jumping Zone
  • Demons
    • Medium Demons
      • Collaboration (also by Jax, SaRy and many more)
  • Unrated Levels
    • Dorabae-Thank you
    • Dorabae Choose Road
    • Dorabae Find Way


  • Dorabae does not have a YouTube channel.
  • They used to be in GW. (Geometry Dash World)
  • The only demon levels they have created are Dorabae Choose Way4, DorabaeDifficult2, and DorabaeDifficult4.
  • All of their levels have their name before the level title, for example, Dorabae-Basic8.
  • They participated in Collaboration by SaRy and many other people.
  • Dorabae is hated by some people because they became popular, although they aren't as good as other famous creators aesthetic-wise, just like Zellink.
  • Dorabae-Basic 12, despite its 6 stars, was claimed due to its difficulty, too high to a basic level.
  • Their most disliked level is Dorabae Find Way, with more than 25,000 dislikes.