Dorabae-Basic 10
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Level Information
Creator Dorabae
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 8 Star
Level ID 9735242
Song Infiltration
Composer ParagonX9

Dorabae-Basic 10 is a very easy Nine Circles level created by Dorabae.


The beginning of the level resembles the usual design of the creator instead of the Nine Circles' one.

The level starts with a fast cube with some simple jumps and rings, then a straightforward ship, finally a slower and easy ship with some taps. A mashing UFO and a free cube lend to the epileptic wave part, that is quite easy in comparison to the most famous remakes because the speed isn't triple throughout the wave and the spaces are quite large. The second part may be slightly harder because of more mashing and some, but visible fake lines. The level ends in cube form with two easy jumps.


  • In the yellow wave section the thorns below are poorly placed, so the player can touch them without crashing.
  • In the purple wave section the upper spike saw is placed far enough from the upper edge, so the player can go above that saw.
  • In the first part of the level, it is possible to skip the blue jump orb before the transition of the ship so the player can enter the ship sequence upside-down.


  • Unlike other remakes, 1.8 saws are visible during the wave segment.
  • The wave part is multicolored, so the order of the colors is this: green, yellow, white, purple, orange, white, blue, red, pink, sky blue, turquoise, blue/red, green/yellow, white/yellow/orange/red.
  • This is the only starred Nine Circle remake with a ParagonX9's song and her first 1.9 level without a song by Waterflame.


Geometry Dash Custom Levels - Dorabaebasic10 (by dorabae)

Geometry Dash Custom Levels - Dorabaebasic10 (by dorabae)

Credits to Muzik Bike.