Dorabae-Basic 12
20160522 233008
Level Information
Creator Dorabae
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6 Star
Level ID 12640404
Song Sine Wavs
Composer Rukkus

Dorabae-Basic 12 is a 2.0 Harder 6* level created by Dorabae, and her only one created in 2.0, alongside Dorabae-Quiz. This is the last of the Dorabae-Basic levels as she quit. The level boasts a simple style, but with complicated rotating choreographs, using lots of triggers. Although being a basic level, players claim that is exceptionally difficult and probably deserves an higher rating. Dorabae apologized for this and promised that Dorabae-Basic 13 would be easier, but she quit Geometry Dash after posting Dorabae-Quiz.


The level starts a simple cube section. Here, the player must jump and hit the jump orbs with decent timing to not crash into spikes. The cube then transitions to a ship, featuring saw-blades and moving thorns, then to a simple but annoying ball segment due to invisible portals and rings that appear at the last moment. Then, another cube section appears, but is very easy and requires few jumps. When the drop starts (the same as ) an annoying robot section appears, and is clunky to control due to teleportation portals, double speed and precise timing. The following sequence is slightly easier but still annoying. It's a fast wave with moving slopes and many confusing portals. More or less the same thing happens during the UFO, even if the style changes. The level ends with a tricky cube, featuring a moving platform with rising, falling and rotating hazards and, again, some annoying invisible teleportation portals. The level ends with the level's name appearing with a spiral transition.


Dorabae Basic 12 BY Dorabae

Dorabae Basic 12 BY Dorabae

Credits to RainbowDash V2. This video shows the full walkthrough of Dorabae-Basic 12.