Dorabae-Basic 7
Level Information
Creator Dorabae
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
Level ID 2952064
Song Clownparty Remix
Composer Waterflame

Dorabae-Basic7 is the first level to use custom music in the Dorabae-Basic series. It is currently the most downloaded hard custom music level in the game, along with ElectroWorld and . This level is rated XL or Extra-Long, with the music from the start of the music to the end of the music. This level is made at early 1.9.


This level starts with a simple cube with little obstacles and some jumps. Then followed by a double speed ship sequence with some sawblades, then it goes mirrored with more sawblades, then it mirrors with relatively easy part, and mirrors again with killing slopes. Then it changes to UFO. The UFO sequences is similar to the ship. But you must touch the last slope near the cube portal to get to the ball. Then it followed by a short lasting cube and an easy ball. Then the ball changes into a mini cube with gravity portals, then a normal cube with a little obstacle. Then followed by a relatively easy wave. Then it changes into a trickily easy cube with gravity rings and portals, then it mirrors and the same repeats flipped. Then followed by a ship with breakthrough blocks at the pillars. It turns into a half speed-double speed changing UFO. Then turns into a trickily easy normal speed ball. Then an easy dual ship appears. Then it turns into a single cube. The player falls with some jump pads and comes with a moderately easy cube. Followed with an easy wave. Then turns into a half speed cube with some jumps. Then the level ends.


  • This is the first Dorabae-basic level to use a custom soundtrack.
  • This level has a remake, Dorabae-Difficult 7, currently unrated.
  • This is Dorabae's first 1.9 level.
  • This level is the second most liked XL level.


Geometry Dash - Dorabae Basic 7 - By Dorabae

Geometry Dash - Dorabae Basic 7 - By Dorabae

Credit to MasK CT (MasK463) for the video.