Dorabae Choose Way4
Level Information
Creator Dorabae
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 195070
Song Theory Of Everything
Composer DJ Nate

Dorabae Choose Way 4 is a 1.5 Hard Demon created by Dorabae.    


It is the fourth level in the "Choose Way" series, and is the only level in the series to be rated Demon. It is very hard, having mirror portals one after another, hard timings and insane memorization.


Geometry Dash (Hard Demon) - Dorabae Choose Way4 - By Dorabae01:40

Geometry Dash (Hard Demon) - Dorabae Choose Way4 - By Dorabae

Credit to Sung-Su Kim


  • This is one of Dorabae's 2 most disliked levels, due to claims by other players that it is impossible, however, this level is not impossible, just hard, because it was hard for Dorabae to verify.
  • It is considered to be the most disliked demon level, with over 55000 dislikes.
  • This level has a secret way, like Ice Carbon Zust, but RobTop saw how difficult it was to reach it, so this level still remains a demon.

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