Dragon Dual
[[Dragon Dual|]]
Level Information
Creator AniJumper47
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7 Star
Level ID 16919626
Song 1077
Composer BoomKitty

This level is the prequel of Dragon Trio, Ani's Demon level.

This is currently Ani's single star rated level.


This level is heavily inspired by the legendary 1.9 level, Haunted by HaoN. Ani said that it was meant to be a 2.0 sequel to Haunted.

Gameplay Edit

Dragon Dual starts with a triple speed cube, with pretty basic gameplay. There are no special timings or fake blocks.

The next part is a normal speed mini ship. It has a few tight spaces but it's still not too hard.

After that is a two-speed wave, which is a little confusing because the whole part moves at around 18%.

After that the player teleports upwards, and a ship part with a custom background appears. Platforms pop up and down, but flying in the middle is still safe. Then the ship changes into a UFO and then into a triple speed wave. Diamond-shaped blocks connected with black lasers start to shake, and when you pass them, they start going backwards.

The next part is a robot part. It has a 1 block gap, but that's the only hard timing in this part.

Next is a UFO part which looks similar to the custom background part.

After that a mini cube part that looks like the first part come up, but instead of green, it's orange. There are a few fakes and timings, but the part is still kinda easy.

Then a 1 speed ball comes. It's fairly easy, with a couple of timings here and there.

As the song stops for a second, a 1-second wave part flashes, and then turns into a ship.

The last ship part is half-speed ship, but it is probably the most confusing part of the level as you can't see much because of the big amount of decoration. The level ends with a 1.5 block gap, and the word "GG".

As you pass the level, the words "Thx RubRub" appear (to thank RobTop for rating the level)

Trivia Edit

  • A couple of famous people commented on this level, including RobBuck and Megaman.
  • The level was supposed to be named Toxic Cave, but was later renamed to Dragon Dual.
  • Even though the name has "Dual" in the name, it doesn't contain any dual portals.
  • The level is currently above 1600 likes and 12000 downloads.

Walkthrough Edit

DRAGON DUAL IS RATED (Video by ZSolti49)

DRAGON DUAL IS RATED (Video by ZSolti49)

Credit to ZSolti49.