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Country Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Age 18
Levels ~20 (1 Starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position Something with 90000...
YouTube Channel [1]

Dreamzy (DR34MZY on the wiki, The Actual Dreamzy on YouTube, zi8tx in-game) is a German player and level creator in Geometry Dash who is fairly known around the Network of TouchArcade as well as in the Universe of Dub Dash (which is obviously made by Incodra and not vice versa), a game inspired by Geometry Dash.

He attempted numerous times to find his style in creating levels and has currently at this time only one starred level.

He is also one of the Editors for the new Geometry Dash Editor Guide[2], which has been official since March 7th, 2017.

Dreamzy's History in GD

After having the game side-loaded in the Summer of 2014, Dreamzy was fairly known with the gameplay of Geometry Dash as he was a player of the game which started it all - The Impossible Game. He enjoyed it so much that he bought the game on the Amazon App Store several months later after he took a break from the game.

In May 2015, he did his comeback and started to play the game in a regular basis of 7 hours each day, which led to him having collected over 500 Stars in two months. At some point he reached on the way to beat the main game his first Demon - Clubstep - which took him over 2000 attempts at this point. He then started to enjoy the feel of accomplishment after he beat the level in a mental breakdown where rage is long time overdue.

A few week later he collected several demons and beat Theory of Everything 2, same with Deadlocked. A few days after the release of Update 2.0, RobTop rated his Robot Redo of the main Level Can't Let Go.

Today, he is playing Geometry Dash on a less frequent base, yet he still continues to make Levels at this time.

In December 2016, Dreamzy deleted all of his unoriginal levels except his rated one. The reason for this is that he wanted his account to stand out more.

On March the 27th 2018, Dreamzy has beaten his first Insane Demon, Windy Landscape.

Recent Levels

Today, Dreamzy's Count of Levels is around 20, maybe more, maybe less. His most recent level was made for a Creator Contest on Reddit for /r/geometrydash, which he left due to reasons of bullying for his quality in the levels he actually does on his own. The level's name is Afterchaos, which has gotten over 100+ downloads at this point and 30 likes. These numbers show that he is not THAT widely known in Geometry Dash, yet he has a little name in the fan-base.

Levels in Production

Dreamzy revised his plans for levels and made the announcement right now on this page that he won't talk about the number of levels he is making anymore, as it just led to them being abandoned.


Dreamzy's Icon inside Geometry Dash is the 900 Stars Icon in Purple and Yellow Colors with a yellow glow and the dashed trail.

Their ship is a 2.1 Ship, their ball is a 2.1 Ball, their Robot is Master Chief, their Wave is a new wave from 2.1, their UFO is the reward UFO from collection shards, and their spider the Cyclops-Robot Spider.

Achievements & Stats

Dreamzy's List of Achievements (And statistics as seen in the list down below) is small inside Geometry Dash, the biggest one having now 78% on Supersonic.

  • He has over 1800 Stars at this moment.
  • He has 1100 Diamonds collected.
  • He has 106 Secret Coins Collected.
  • He has 116 User Coins Collected.
  • He has beaten 39 Demons (Latest Demons being Windy Landscape & Toxin Lab II).
  • Has one Creator Point.
  • Has 78% on Supersonic. (As of 27/11/2016(European Calendar Format))
  • Has beaten Windy Landscape as their first Insane Demon
  • Is part of the Team behind the new Editor Guide of Geometry Dash


  • Dreamzy is German, yet he does not speak German in-game or in any other Geometry Dash related Discord.
  • He was born on the Star Wars day in 1999, also to be known as the 4th of May.
  • He plays many other games today, like Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO or many other Indie Games like Dub Dash, VVVVVV and Super Hexagon.
  • He is determined to tackle Supersonic as their next demon. (Obviously, he gave up after his 78% Fail...)
  • He is obsessed with music by MafiaPineapple.
    • The songs he most likes are Genesis and Dystopia.
    • He also likes music by NIGHTKilla, Xtrullor and many others.
  • Demons are his weaknesses in Geometry Dash next to easier levels.