Dynamic On Track
Level Information
Creator CrePusCule
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 5Star
Level ID 1063115
Song Back On Track
Composer DJVI

Dynamic On Track is a custom level by Crepuscule that is featured in the Ruby Pack. Despite its rating of Hard and 5 stars, many players consider it to be exceptionally difficult.


This level has been considered as 'improperly rated' for many players, particularly because of the number of "tricks" found in it. These tricks are indeed not easy to notice and therefore require a lot of practice and memorization. The faster speeds later on also give a headache to those who are not used to such faster speeds.


The level starts with normal speed, with colored blocks with the Light Background color, and slightly more decorated than the standard Back On Track. Next comes a double speed portal. This part has a lot of tricks in particular, and it is hard to judge the distance at some parts. A double speed ship sequence follows, which is not too difficult. Then the level progresses to triple speed and back into cube. This is slightly easier than the double speed cube. Towards the end of the level, the background changes to black and the colored blocks change to colored outlines. The level then ends.


  • This level has a prequel, Stereo Dynamicness, which is also a map pack level, in the Shiny Pack.
  • Crepuscule thought about 8 stars for this level.
  • The majority of the Geometry Dash community find this level really annoying, hence it being rated hard difficulty when it should be a greater rating.
  • Although the harsh comments, it still has quite a few likes and a ton of downloads, meaning that not too many people are disliking the level.
  • The creator himself wants to nerf the level but is unable to access to the account.
  • On March 4th, 2017 Crepuscule's old account got hacked by the player Cos8o: he updated the level adding 3 user coins and asked the users if he should nerf it. However, the day after he gave the account to the real Crepuscule.
  • This level was updated with a nerf on April 2nd, but he kept a key for the original. Ironically, now people hate the nerf rather than the original.


Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Ruby Pack - Dynamic on Track (by Crepuscule) All Coins01:28

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Ruby Pack - Dynamic on Track (by Crepuscule) All Coins

credit to Muzik Bike

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