Country Unknown
Age 14
Levels 19 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 93128 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]

ETM_Games (ETMGaming in-game) is an unknown but very skilled GD player. He has beaten many hard demons including Crimson Clutter, Supersonic, Bloodbath, Betrayal of Fate, Windy Landscape and Duelo Maestro.


  • Death Anthem
  • Graveyard


  • His most famous level, Death Anthem currently has more dislikes than likes due to bots downvoting numerous times.
  • He has a very good straight flying skill. He has a video about him straight flying with his foot!
  • He has progress on very insane-timing demons, such as Sonic Wave, but is inactive with these extreme demons.

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