Country Turkey
Age 15
Levels 32 (None starred)
Other Info
Crew EST
Position None
YouTube Channel
Ecodust GMD is a Turkish, pretty unknown creator and player.

He has beaten some really hard demons in less numbers in attempts, much like  Supersonic in 729 attempts, and Reanimation in 47 attempts.

On 22 May 2016, he beat old version of the cataclysm with 9732 attempts.


Bloodlitter - His first official level and collab with Inferr

Metasonic - His first Megacollab

Terristic / Fracture - Nine Circles Levels

Theory of Stars - His first remake

Problematic Machine - A funny joke level

Tempo v0 - His remake of a friends level, Tempo.

Terror Factory - His DecodeX remake

Haunted Road - His first Impossible level (secret way)

Hopeless Corridor - A nooby Nine circles level

Electroman Strikes 2 - His Electroman Adventures remake

Deathstep - His first level


He has a youtube channel, but uploads seldom and has medium quality.

His first name is Adrien

He is a Geometry Dash Fan Wikia user.

He was born on May 09, 2001.

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