Efetis Belis
Level Information
Creator Pennutoh
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 14187181
Song This Isn't Science Rocket (2015 Edition)
Composer F-777

Efetis Belis is a relatively hard demon created by Pennutoh. The level is notably known for its effects.


Efetis Belis starts as a hard cube mode, mostly requires precise timing, then followed by a hard ball mode. The player is then teleported to the next game mode which is a moderately hard wave mode. The player's wave will suddenly turn into a brief mini wave mode.

Then, the next segment is a ship mode, there is a jump ring that required to be clicked in the ship portal, then an abundances of the word: 'Saas' will appear. The next segment is a UFO mode. only consists of clicking a few jump rings. Then, followed by a brief dual mini wave. Then, the next segment is a very hard mixed dual of ball and wave mode as crucial timings are required then later followed by a mini and normal size dual wave mode. There is a brief cube mode before the next part. As the words: 'Get Ready!' will appear.

The next part is an another brief dual mini wave followed by a dual ship mode then, a hard mixed dual of ship and ball followed by a brief dual ship.

Then, the next dual segment is a wave mode. There is a somehow, a person in a rocket that will suddenly appear followed by a text reading "This isn't science rocket, b*tch!" Then, the next game mode is a very brief dual cube mode, followed by a hard mixed dual of cube and UFO. A fast normal ball mode will appear next. This part only consists of clicking a few jump rings, the player will greet a normal and slow speed portal.

Then followed, by a triple speed wave mode which is very hard due to the timings and tight spaces. Then, the wave mode is followed by a brief cube mode, there is a green jump ring in the portal that required to be clicked, then the next segment is a UFO mode only consisting of clicking several jump rings too.

Then, the UFO is followed by an another brief cube then, a very hard ship mode, as several gravity changes are introduced in this part. The next part is a fairly easy cube mode.

Then, the background will change into a monochromatic styled background, as followed by the next brief dual wave mode, then a hard ship mode. The next segment is a hard UFO mode with mostly precise timings, followed by a brief mini dual cube mode, this time. The segment is a mini ball mode. The last part is a fairly hard ship mode, the speed keeps progressively changes til the end of the level.

After that, the words: " Penuun @'')/ " and "GG" will appear and the level ends.


  • This, Laser Box, Cosmonaut 21, and PainStep are the only demon levels of Pennutoh that has involves user coins.
  • This, and Cosmonaut 21 are his only demon levels with a mixed dual sequence.
  • 'Efetis Belis' is a mispronunciation of 'Begli Effetti' which means 'Good Effects'.

User Coins

This level has 3 user coins:

  • The first user coin is located at 33%. In the 2nd cube mode before teleporting to the next segment. It must be carefully obtained as there are spikes underneath the coin.
  • The second user coin is located at 70% at the 4th ship sequence. The player must go below a gravity portal on the top of the upper ones, obtaining the 2nd coin.
  • The third user coin is located at 95% at the last ship mode, under the normal route. The player must carefully obtain the coin because of the very tight route.


(Medium Demon) Efetis Belis By Pennutoh01:35

(Medium Demon) Efetis Belis By Pennutoh

Credits to Sung-Su Kim (SoCool).

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