Eighto Circles
Screenshot 2016-05-17-00-46-49
Level Information
Creator Bamkii
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7 Star
Level ID 10155484
Song Eighto
Composer Jomekka

Eighto Circles is a 1.9 Harder 7* level created by Bamkii, with a hot-pink scheme similar to Figures. Despite its typical demon difficulty, it is rated Harder 7* for an unknown reason, just like Hazy Blood.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with an annoying tricky cube segment with lots of spikes and jump orbs. Next, the player enters a ball segment similar in difficulty to the Nine Circles one. After that a very annoying ship sequence appears, which consists of numerous gravity portals and very awkward timing. After an other tricky cube section, a straight-flying ship sequence and a third cube segment, the wave is introduced, which has many parts in slower speed, but features numerous confusing parts and tight spaces. It spans from 42% to 92%. The level ends with a brief cube section with Bamkii's mark.

Trivia Edit

  • After the realization of this level, Bamkii proposed a project to Ultra Eighto Circles, but Rulas rejected it because the song doesn't fit to the Ultra style.

Walkthrough Edit

Eighto Circles Verification! Geometry Dash Demon?

Eighto Circles Verification! Geometry Dash Demon?

Credits go to Bamkii for the video.