Eighto Circles
Screenshot 2016-05-17-00-46-49
Level Information
Creator Bamkii
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7 Star
Level ID 10155484
Song Eighto
Composer Jomekka

Eighto Circles is a difficult NC level created by Bamkii, with a hot-pink scheme similar to Figures. Despite its typical demon difficulty, it's rated harder 7 for an unknown reason. Just like Hazy Blood.


The level starts with an annoying tricky cube segment with lots of spikes and jump orbs. Next, the player enters a ball segment similar in difficulty to the Nine Circles one. After that a very annoying ship sequence appears, which consists of numerous gravity portals and very awkward timing. After an other tricky cube section, a straight-flying ship sequence and a third cube segment, the wave is introduced, which has many parts in slower speed, but features many confusing parts and tight spaces. It spans from 42% to 92%. The level ends with a brief cube with Bamkii's mark.


  • After the realization of this level, Bamkii proposed a project to Ultra Eighto Circles, but Rulas rejected it because the song doesn't fit to the Ultra style.


Eighto Circles Verification! Geometry Dash Demon?03:03

Eighto Circles Verification! Geometry Dash Demon?

Credits go to Bamkii for the video.

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