El Dorado
El Dorado
Level Information
Creator AncientAnubis
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 11904920
Song Thunderzone V2
Composer Waterflame

El Dorado is an extremely difficult demon by AncientAnubis. It is often considered a harder version of Acropolis. Due to its difficulty, it is often considered an very hard demon.


El Dorado is an insane demon by AncientAnubis. Many of AncientAnubis' demons are very difficult. The level has very tight spaces and confusing amounts of portals that make it resemble Acropolis. It also has the universal half speed throughout the level that Acropolis shares.


The level starts off with a speed change to half speed in a mini ball. This ball is incredibly tight with timing and has very annoying spaces and jump ring placements. The next mini UFO is also very difficult, because of moving objects, tight spaces, and very crucial timing. The UFO ends as an auto and goes into a regular sized half speed wave. Spacing here is even tighter and moving objects are still there. Halfway through, the wave becomes mini. Even more moving objects and very tight spaces combined with the clunkiness of the mini wave make this segment incredibly difficult. The next segment is a mini ship with many gravity portals, jump rings and straight fly segments, making this probably the hardest section of the level with the mini wave. After the ship, the next cube is probably the second easiest segment, save for the ball, but has many fake lines and spike layouts that make it equivalent to getting over triple spikes, which can be troll enough at the end of this demon. The level ends with AncientAnubis' name.

User Coins

The level has three user coins. The difficulty of the level is very high, so the user coins are irritating to get with the already large difficulty of the level itself.

  • The first user coin is obvious. It can be obtained if the player takes the upward path with the wave and gets the coin. However, this passage is tight and has spikes lining the "monster" mouth.
  • The second user coin is also fairly obvious. At the beginning of the mini ship, the player must drop down to get a yellow key. This yellow key brings down the user coin, where the player hits an invisible yellow jump pad that brings them back on the regular route.
  • The last user coin in the cube is obtained in the middle of the cube. After hitting a yellow jump pad, do not hit one of the normally required blue jump rings and you will go down a secretive path that takes you to the third coin. The game teleports you back on course after this.


  • Cyclic crashed at 77%.
  • SirQuack also crashed at 77%.
  • SoulsTRK crashed at 79% twice.
  • SrGuillester crashed at 85% twice.
  • Loogiah crashed at 91%.


  • As mentioned before, El Dorado is considered as a buffed Acropolis with a different colour scheme and 2.0 design.
  • The whole level is entirely at slow speed (0.5 speed), showing how a slow speed level can be very hard.
  • SrGuillester was the first person confirmed to complete El Dorado.
  • Guitarherostyles completed the level from 20%.
  • El Dorado translates to "The Golden" in English.


Geometry Dash - El Dorado (3 Coins) (Very Hard Demon) - by ancientanubis

Geometry Dash - El Dorado (3 Coins) (Very Hard Demon) - by ancientanubis

Credit to Zobros.