Electric Melons
Electric Melons
Level Information
Creator Glittershroom, Pokey, and Viprin
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6Star
Level ID 10157255
Song Elemelons
Composer DJVI

Electric Melons is a harder 6* level created by Glittershroom, Viprin, and Pokey. It has relatively glowy decorations and a mix of the 3 creator's styles.


It starts with a 1x speed simple cube section without that many tricks. Then there is a simple UFO section with relatively easy gameplay. It then has a ball part with simple gameplay that is mostly based on tapping orbs. There is then a slow, moderately tight ship part with a mini size portal. It then has a ball part with some simple tapping and moderately tight areas. Then there is the drop, starting with a triple speed cube with many pulsing objects that has many orbs and is well synced. It is followed by a moderately tight triple speed wave section where the block designs are lined by invisible slopes, followed by a slow wave marking the end of the level.


Electric Melons - Glittershroom, Pokey & Viprin (me)01:12

Electric Melons - Glittershroom, Pokey & Viprin (me)

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