Level Information
Creator ASonicMen
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
Level ID Unknown
Song Perseverance
Composer OpenLight

ElectroWorld is the first level in Geometry Dash's Electro Pack. It's rated 4 stars and was created by ASonicMen.


Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Electro Pack - ElectroWorld (by ASonicMen) All Coins01:20

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Electro Pack - ElectroWorld (by ASonicMen) All Coins

creds to Muzik Bike

Electroworld switches between many colors throughout the entire level. The level starts out with a generally easy cube segment at one speed with only one fake. After that is a ship with many obstacles and sawblades. A moderately difficult upside down ship segment follows with 2 block spaces with mini spikes at the end. The background goes black and the player turns into a UFO that's generally easy with wide obstacles. Then it turns into double speed, making it a bit harder despite having the same exact obstacles in the same exact styles. A half-speed ball part follows that seems easy at first until a part at 66% that requires decently precise timing that can throw off some beginner players. A buggy auto part at 70% makes it possible to miss a jump pad platform that progresses the player through the level. Missing it will make the player crash. the rest of the ball part is mostly orbs. The hardest part of the level comes next with a wave part that can also throw beginners off. It requires going up and down at a decently fast rate with spamming at the bottom and up. A half-speed mini wave segment follows which can make many players crash. It requires decently precise timing with tight spaces similar to those in Deadlocked and Theory of Everything 2, both of which are demons. It returns to normal speed and size to another hard part of the level with sawblades barely visible to the player. Spamming in the middle might get the player past it, but going near the top or bottom of the "cave" can crash the player into sawblades. A large, wide "ASonicMen" is at the end of the level where the player needs to go near the top, as it's possible to crash into it.


  • The first coin is at the ship part in 25%, where the player needs to go near the top of the screen where the coin moves in. It's not too hard but can make players crash if they go too far up.
  • The second coin appears in the UFO part at 48% shortly before it turns into double-speed. Under one of the obstacles is a wide space where the coin moves in. It's generally easy.
  • The last coin appears at the end of the level at 98% above the "ASonicMen" sign. The player just needs to stay at the top of the screen with the wave where it moves into place. It's the easiest coin of the level.


  • The upside-down ship part was slightly nerfed in 2.0, as there were originally two spikes in the spaces. As of now, there's only one.
  • The level has been criticized for being a bit too hard for a 4 star level. Some say that it shoudl be 5 stars or even 6 stars.
  • The Electro Pack, which is the map pack that this level is in, was most likely named after this level.
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