The Electro Pack is the 12th Map Pack in Geometry Dash. It rewards 4 stars and 1 secret coin for completing all the levels (excluding the stars earned from the levels themselves). It is generally disliked by the community as certain levels in it have an improper rating. For example, Lunar Ocean is generally referred to as a Insane/Harder level, although it is rated 4 stars hard.


The Electro Pack contain 3 levels, which are:


  • All levels in this map pack contain user coins, but Lunar Ocean is the only one with unverified user coins, while the other two levels have silver coins.
  • Lunar Ocean by Gelt is the most hated level in the entire map pack and one of the most hated levels in the game, as many people say it should be a Harder/Insane level, but it was rated Hard 4* instead.

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