Electronic Super Joy is a 2.0 level created by Etzer.

Description Edit

This level is a remake of the video game Electronic Super Joy. It recreates a lot of elements in the game, and uses object layering to make the visual appearance more realistic. Most elements such as keys, portals and user coins have been laid over with elements of the video game. The backgrounds have also been customized, with shaded portions added to them.

It features two instances where the icon is covered by in-game characters, which include "The space pope" in the ship and "The groove wizard" in the UFO. Both also have enemies shooting hazards at them.

User CoinsEdit

There are three slightly easy user coins in this level. Viprin does not approve of this.

  • The first coin is in the first mini robot segment. After jumping off a moving platform onto a still platform, carefully jump and fall between two platforms, onto another platform below with the coin. Jump into the "portal" to continue.
  • The second coin is in the robot just before the ship segment. Just after getting the key, jump onto the overhanging platform and jump again to get the coin, after which you should fall back into the portal leading to the ship.
  • The third coin is right after that ship segment. You will become mini robot again, so jump carefully on the first platform, and you will fall into a gap in the second platform, as that portion is fake. You will then hit two jump pads, indicated by pixelated arrows, and continue normally.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash -2

Geometry Dash -2.0- - Electronic Super Joy - by Etzer

Credit for this video goes to ToshDeluxe.