Elements X
Elements X
Level Information
Creator Eiken (Verified by SoulsTRK)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 16272616
Song Viper
Composer F-777

Elements X is a demon level by Eiken. It was verified by SoulsTRK. It is a v2 of The Four Elements. It‘s known for hard timings, tight spaces, and memorization, and is generally considered an Insane Demon. It’s currently on the legacy list of the Official Geometry Dash Demonlist.


The level starts with a triple spike and the text "Welcome". Then there is a green triangle with the text "Earth", as the Earth element. The first cube has some tricky timings. Then there is a rather hard but very short triple speed mini wave with a gravity portal. This is followed by a mini cube with some harder timings. Then there is a moderately hard robot part. There is another triple speed mini wave similar to the first one, and then there is a cube part with some more hard timings. There is then a very long ship part, that starts with a blue triangle with the text "Water" as the Water element. This part has lots of tight spaces, jump orbs, and rows of invisible gravity portals. Near the end, the text says "Are You Ready?". An auto part shows the text "GL", "Elements X", "by Eiken", and "<3". Then the air part begins, with a white triangle and the text "Air". This part starts with a moderately difficult mini UFO followed by a quite difficult triple speed mini wave. Then there is a short hard UFO part. This is followed by a rather long wave part with mashing and several noticeable gravity portals. Then a short mini ship is followed by a similar wave part that later goes into mini mode. Then there is a relatively easy UFO part followed by another long wave part. Then there is a ship part with some tight flying. Then a red triangle with the text "Fire" appears, signaling the start of the fire part. The fire part starts with hard duals of cube and ball, and then a difficult swingcopters section. Then there is a ball part with some tricky timings. This is followed by a cube part that is moderately difficult, with a noticeable double speed quadruple spike jump at the end. Then there is an auto cube that displays the elements in the order shown in the level, which is "Earth", "Water", "Air", and "Fire". Then the text "Thanks for Playing" appears and the level ends.


The 1st coin is located at the beginning of the water part, the player must fly up.

The 2nd coin is located in the air part during a wave part, the player must pull off a timing in order to go through a fake and activate a teleportation portal to get the coin.

The 3rd coin is located at the end of the level as a reward for completing it.



  • Eiken was originally going to verify this, but he gave up after over 10k attempts.
  • This level is a v2 of The Four Elements.
  • This level might have been for Viprin CC6, but it didn't do that well due to it being a v2.


Geometry Dash 2

Geometry Dash 2.0 - Elements X by Eiken (me!)

The verification of Elements X. Credits to SoulsTRK.