Elite Z (Player)
Country United States
Age  ???
Levels 40
Other Info
Crew Team Net
Position 175608 (for now)
YouTube Channel
Not to be confused with the "Impossible level" that was rebirthed by Airswipe.

Elite Z (PancakePlayz on the wiki) a skilled player and level creator in Geometry Dash who has beaten numerous Extreme Demons such as Old Cataclysm and Catabath.


Team Net Collabs

  • The Betrayal
  • Pink Terror

Serious Levels

  • Pancake Demon Mix
  • Bass Kick
  • Gravity Mysts
  • Dr Finklesh**s
  • Spongebob on Extacy
  • PancakeZs Madness
  • Master Dual
  • Generic Trash
  • Master Dual
  • Extreme Demon Mix
  • Pilfering Garbage
  • Tik Tok

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