Country United States
Age 15
Levels Zealous, MechanicalWave
Other Info
Crew GeoForge
Position Leader
YouTube Channel 1

EndLevel is a very skilled Geometry Dash player and creator who resides in Minnesota. He was the first person to complete the very hard/insane demon Allegiance legitimately.


  • He has beaten demons such as LightWave, DiabolicForce, and many more.
  • He claimed to be the first person to legitimately beat the nerfed version of Phobos, but due to not having a video, he was classed as a hacker. This caused him to quit the game temporarily, before returning in August. According to a friend of his, he did in fact hacked Phobos, along with numerous other levels.
  • Since he has returned to the game, he has completed Allegiance by NikroPlays, and made MechanicalWave.
  • He is currently trying to beat the Buffed unnerfed version of Allegiance, which is considered to be harder than Yatagarasu.
  • He uploaded a video about an upcoming level "Eff" [1] and to be decorated by Joshawott. It uses a song called 'eff' which has a lot of F-bombs, swearing and sentitive topics.

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