Country United States
Age 15
Levels 30 (3 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoForge
Position Owner
YouTube Channel [1]

EndLevel is an overwhelmingly skilled Geometry Dash player and creator who resides in the United States. He was the first person to complete the very hard/insane demon Allegiance legitimately, and is very close to beating the top 10 hardest demons in the game, on par with DiamondSplash and behind Sunix.

He could be considered as the 2nd best player (1st being Sunix) in Geometry Dash, as he beat seven extreme demons in one week. He has also beaten Erebus and Sonic Wave, and has 75% on Yatagarasu. He is the closest person to beating Death Corridor, as he has 73% and has passed the most difficult part.

On a very surprising day, all of his videos in his channel were deleted.


  • All of his own levels are Demons.
  • He claimed to be the first person to legitimately beat the nerfed version of Phobos, but stated that he hacked it two years afterwards.
  • He left for a long period of time in 2015, but returned in August after dealing with stress from school.
  • He has a copy of a buffed unnerfed version of Allegiance, which is considered to be harder than Bloodlust. He got 77% on a very slightly easier version in 2016, and then buffed it to its original state.
  • He considers Death Corridor to be harder than Erebus.

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