Country United States
Age 15
Levels 30 (3 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoForge
Position Owner

7831 (Global)

YouTube Channel [1]

EndLevel is a professional American player and level creator in Geometry Dash who is mostly known for beating several extreme demons such as Sonic Wave.[1] Erebus,[2] and as the sole verifier of Mystic. He was the first person to complete the very hard/insane demon Allegiance legitimately,[3] and is very close to beating the top ten hardest demons in the game.

He is considered one of the best Geometry Dash players, as he beat seven extreme demons in one week. He has beaten Erebus and Sonic Wave, and has 75% on Yatagarasu. He has also beaten Death Corridor Finale completely.

On a forgotten date, all of the videos in his channel were deleted. However, on December 30th, 2017, he made a new channel and reuploaded some of his old videos and uploaded new videos[4], one of the most notable being him having beaten Quantum Processing.[5] In addition, he released a preview of an update for Mystic.[6]

Levels Edit

Harder Levels Edit

  • 2 Player Chal (unrated)
  • Colorful Choofy (unrated)
  • Count COuntcountcoun (unrated)
  • Josh Challenge (unrated)
  • Old Cataclysm (unrated)
  • pokemon go (unrated)
  • Stressed Out (unrated)
  • who did this (unrated)

Insane Levels Edit

  • Andante (unrated)
  • Death Corridor (unrated)
  • Deimos CC (unrated) - His entry to the Deimos Creator Contest.
  • DemigodForce (unrated)
  • Emperors New Clothes (unrated) - A collaboration with TrueOmega.
  • Enelevel Allegiance (unrated)
  • factory party (unrated)
  • Fusion Q (unrated)
  • Giron lol (unrated)
  • Hyper Paracosm (unrated) - A remake of Nine Circles and a collaboration between by ViruZ and Sneaky. It was verified by EndLevel himself.
  • Internet Friends (unrated)
  • knots (unrated) - A collaboration with Nwolc.
  • magnix (unrated)
  • Markiplier Outro (unrated)
  • Mescalink (unrated)
  • Old Death Note (unrated)
  • Old DeathsGate (unrated)
  • Old Down Bass (unrated) - The old version of Down Bass by Spectra.
  • Paracosm Crypt (unrated)
  • Phaser 144hz (unrated)
  • right in rebirth (unrated) - A rebirth of Right In by SCPLanst.
  • RippLeZ (unrated)
  • Robotic Challenger (unrated)
  • Valhalla (unrated) - A collaboration with TrueOmega and Cypher.

Demon Levels Edit

Medium Demons Edit

Insane Demons Edit

Extreme Demons Edit

  • Mystic (unrated, starred, featured, epic) - [description]

Upcoming Levels Edit

  • Mystic update - EndLevel plans to replace parts belonging to non-American creators with that of true American ones in an attempt to end the criticism.

Trivia Edit

  • All of his own levels are demon levels.
  • He claimed to be the first person to legitimately beat the nerfed version of Phobos, but stated that he hacked it two years afterwards.
  • He left for a long period of time in 2015, but returned in August after dealing with stress from school.
  • He has a copy of a buffed unnerfed version of Allegiance, which he considered to be harder than Sonic Wave. He got 77% on a very slightly easier version in 2016, and then buffed it to its original state.
  • He has beaten Death Corridor Finale and says that it is overrated.
  • He is verifying Revenant, a sequel to Allegiance, right now. He currently has a record of 27%.[7]
    • He considers it to be easily harder than Bloodlust.

References Edit