End of Night
Screenshot 2016-05-18-23-03-36
Level Information
Creator TRM99
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 17556144
Song Nightfall
Composer NIGHTkilla

End of Night is a 2.0 Harder level created by TRM99. It is a remake of the very famous level End of Line by PMK.

Description Edit

The level was built using a copy of the original level. The creator totally redesigned the style, made the game-play harder, and added a new part near the end of the level.

The color scheme was changed from gray to a bright violet (closely similar to Ultra Paracosm). 2.0 decorations were added, such as rainbows, shooting stars, monsters, moving water, clouds, etc. A low detail mode is available to reduce lags.

The creator requested 6 stars for this level, and it features three bronze coins.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a simple cube with some easy jumps and rings; just a few tricks here and here, but not too hard. Then, just like the original level, the player must choose one of the two routes available:

  1. Robot path: The player jumps and goes to the same sequence of the original level, but in robot mode and with more spikes. He/she must tap lightly to avoid a hazard. Then the player will go to the route below with a steep descent.
  2. Wave path: The player will fall below to an underwater path, so he/she briefly becomes a mini cube and a mini ball with simple taps, then he/she goes to a tight but slow wave corridor. He/she returns to the cube mode and after a few jumps rejoins the above route.

The player then goes to a tricky cube section with invisible passages and rings with gravity portals (probably similar to the beginning of Ultra Paracosm). Then he/she goes to a Nine Circles Levels-like ship sequence that consists of slopes and gears, and then a ball segment. Then, there is a UFO with vertical hazards and spearhead saws. The player goes in a cube form, so he/she mustn't jump when he/she sees a spike, because is a fake and he/she will crash to the ceiling. After a part with a game-play similar to the ending of The Realistic, the player goes to a new part of the level, which is sunset styled with a purple background: before a ship, then a slow wave, finally a fast-paced wave segment. These parts are quite difficult in comparison to the previous sequences. The level ends with two marks (PMK and TRM) and a "GG".

Trivia Edit

  • At first, the creator was going to call the level "End of Line v2" and to use the song "Soulwind" by Aztech & Lockyn.
  • In the level the word "path" was mispelled as "patch", but the creator didn't fix it yet.
  • All of the decorations in the sunset part were going to be black, but the creator mistakely changed the saturation to maximum and they have became red.
  • It is one of TRM99's least popular levels, with less than 150 downloads.