Country Philippines
Age 13
Levels 17 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew GP, TI
Position 11957 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Endermanium is an known player and creator from the Philippines in Geometry Dash. He is mostly known for being an active member on the Geometry Dash Forums. He is also a member of The Idiots (TI).


  • Currently, his hardest demon is Effot by Ozpectro.
  • He recently got a CRT monitor which is known to have no response time. This gives him great potential to be a very skilled player.
  • He lives in the Philippines, so when he livestreams on either YouTube or Twitch, his streams always lags/buffers. He dictated it's because of the crappy internet his internet provider (PLDT) made.
  • The only other players in the Philippines are Denss621, iIINEWCALEBIIi, YC99, Defiant, ReflexPrince, Cubix06, XeNone, Abbadox, Klevin05, Osiris, LuisBentoso, and GMDBuddy.
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