Level Information
Creator WOOGI1411 and Aurumble
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 11992926
Song Cosmic Dolphin
Composer Megawolf77

Endorphin is a demon level by WOOGI1411 and Aurumble. It is known for difficult timings, tricky segments, and some memorization. It is generally considered an Insane Demon.


The level starts with a cube segment with some memorization as well as some crucial timings. Next, there is a UFO segment with some invisible saw-blades. Then there is a very short mini ship followed by a similar UFO part. Then there is a mini ship part with some speed portals as well as gravity portals and orbs. This is followed by a mini cube with some timings but mostly memorization. Then there is a ball part with very hard timings. This is followed by a very tight wave part with some speed changes. Then there is an auto cube part with the text "Aurumble & WOOGI1411". This is followed by a ship part with some moderately tight spaces and tricky usage of gravity and size portals. Then there is a short wave with some tricky gravity timings and portals. This is followed by a moderately hard UFO part. Then there is a cube part with a few timings and tricks. Then there is a rather hard ship part with some portals. This is followed by a rather difficult wave part with a bunch of gravity portal timings as well as some size portals. Then there is a timing-based cube part with some tricks. Then there is a moderately hard ball part with some timings. Then the text "Thanks :)" appears and the level ends.


  • The 3 coins are located at the end of the level by going through a fake block at 96%.



New Hard Level!!! )01:30

New Hard Level!!! )

Credits to WOOGI.

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