Entwined Room
Entwined Room
Level Information
Creator WOOGI1411, DHK2725, Motu, Reple, Memor2ed, Koreaqwer, RyanLC, Gelt, Luneth, Ryoon, KSWGeo, Midnight (Verified and Published by Midnight)
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 15875767
Song Screamroom
Composer Xtrullor

Entwined Room is a 2.0 Insane Demon mega-collaboration created by Midnight and eleven others. It was verified and published by MidNight. Due to its difficult timings, tight areas, and tricky sections, it is generally considered an Insane or Very Hard Demon. The level is currently on the legacy list of the Official Geometry Dash Demonlist.


The level sticks to a generally gray-ish color scheme. The main exceptions are Gelt and Koreaqwer's parts, which flash in various colors, and Ryoon's part, which is red. It is well decorated and is mostly a 1.9 level, with the exception of a few parts placed later in the level.


The level starts with WOOGI1411's part, a very difficult slow cube with many very difficult timings and some memorization tricks. Then there is DHK2725's part, a faster cube with more timings and tricks. Then there is the drop and Motu's part, a very difficult triple speed wave with many gravity and size portals, which goes slow speed later with very tight spaces. The end has several speed portals. This leads into Reple's part, a difficult ship part with tricky ship timings and tight flying. It then has a tight triple speed mini wave. Then there is MemoR2ed's part, starting with a difficult slow mini wave, and then a tight mini ship. Then there is a quick timing-based ball part, followed by a tricky UFO part with some portals. This leads into Koreaqwer's part, which starts with a very tight slow ship, and then a very tight triple speed wave with many portals. Then there is a slow mini ship with some orbs and the text "Koreaqwer End". Then there is a moderately difficult straight flying mini ship part. This starts Ryan LC's part, which first has a very difficult timing-based dual mini cube. One of the cubes turns into a ship, making it even harder, and then there is a short dual UFO. Then there is a memory-based cube part that later becomes auto. Then there is Gelt's part, a very difficult triple speed ship with a slew of gravity portals, size portals, jump orbs, and blue jump pads. Then there is Luneth's part, a very difficult timing-based triple speed cube with memory and very difficult timings. Then there is a short straight flying part, followed by another difficult cube part. Then there is a difficult triple speed cube, followed by a tight triple speed ship. Then Ryoon's part begins, starting with a very difficult swingcopters section. This is followed by a very difficult triple speed dual mini wave, with very tight spaces. Then there is KSWGeo's part, starting with a tricky ship with some orbs. Then there is a memory-based robot part, followed by another hard ship part. Then there is Midnight's part, a very tight slow wave. Then there is an easy UFO part and an auto cube, displaying the text "Greate Job" and all the player's names.


Player High Percentage Date Completed Total Attempts Notable Fails Video
MidNight (Verifier) 100% Jan 15, 2016 3,839 N/A Link
SrGuillester 100% March 3, 2016 1,493 (?) N/A Link
Ninetales 100% May 27, 2016 3,843 86%, 91%, 92% Link
Snowr33de 100% August 17, 2016 1,500+ N/A Link
SrQuack 100% Nov 12, 2016 1,545 89% Link
SuperSNSD 100% Nov 22, 2016 ~5000 94% Link
Guille1999 100% Dec 13, 2016 1,005 (?) N/A Link
Slypp 100% 22 January 2017 ~2,000 94% Link
Pacosky18 100% 12 May 2017 N/A 54% Link


  • This is considered to be a V2 of Madhouse.


NEW INSANE COLLAB Entwined Room by woogi1411 and more!

NEW INSANE COLLAB Entwined Room by woogi1411 and more!

Credits to MidNight.